Statutory Declaration of truth: face mask


Statutory Declaration of trust face mask/

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The Statutory Declaration of truth is a formal written statement of fact made in a prescribed manner affirming that something is true to the best of knowledge of the declarant, ie; the person making the declaration.

The Statutory Declaration of truth is recognised by most government departments including DVLC, Passport, Land Registry and finance companies as a sworn statement of truth from the individual.

You can consider using the Statutory Declaration of truth available on this website from the link to support your Clinical Exemption Self-Certificate. This Statutory Declaration of truth has been accepted by a barrister and solicitors.

The Statutory Declaration will need to be witnessed and signed by a solicitor usually at a cost of about £7 to £25 approximately.

This CESC at this moment is possibly the only Exemption certificate that has been produced by a qualified solicitor.

The Statutory Declaration of truth is a legal document. The legal validity of these two documents as far as I know makes them unsurpassed.