LegalCafe provides employment legislation knowledge and strategies to help resolve workplace issues. Zoom meetups with discussions and presentations from various helpful people.

Our team are passionate and compassionate about helping our members with their work-related problems. I think you know that.
But to help more workers, students and business owners and resolve problems that require legal strategies the Legal Café Ltd was formed.

LegalCafe was set up to provide help to workers, students and business owners and offer training to potential Union Representatives. Legal focus on providing legal solutions on areas that unions do not cover. Legal training courses that educating and empowering employees.

We hold regular weekly evening zoom meetings on legislation knowledge and strategies.

Please go to our Shop page to donate £3 to our evening meetup. Once received, I will personally email  link to you.

Please note that the information provided on these pages or in our zoom meetups, does not constitute legal advice by LegalCafe Ltd.

It is referenced knowledge of employment legislation and practical strategies derived from union representation in Grievance and Disciplinary meetings.


The LegalCafe is a not for profit ltd company.


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