Harmony Union:

A union with resolve for all workers and students

Harmony Union works for members.

We are made up of employees and students who join together to preserve and progress their conditions of employment.

We can support you in the workplace by representation at grievance and disciplinary meetings.

Rev. Dr Warren B. Leigh accepted on behalf of LegalCafe, the workers of Wales, Scotland and England Union, a world civility award by HRH Sir Clyde Rivers

Sir Clyde Rivers has made his mark on the world as the leading voice for World Civility and was enstooled as a King in Ghana in 2021. HRH, Sir Clyde came to Manchester, Great Britain on 28th October. HRH presented to Dr Warren a Civility award in recognition of the compassionate support that the staff of LegalCafe, Workers of Wales, Scotland and England gave to their members over the last two and a half difficult years in order to reduce their members anxieties with work related problems.

The lord Mayor of Manchester Donna Ludford and Rev. Dr Warren B. Leigh representing Legalcafe staff and members

The Lord Mayor of Manchester Donna Ludford, kindly invited HRH Sir Dr Clyde Rivers and Rev. Dr Warren B. Leigh to the lord Mayors chambers in Manchester. HRH presented a civility award to the Lord Mayor in October 2022.

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