The intention of the HARMONY UNION Ltd is to protect workers and students (where the students course includes work placement) employment rights throughout the United Kingdom.

We offer representation with mediation to encourage suitable and amicable solutions in resolving disputed matters between employees and employers.

HARMONY UNION Ltd Operates as a membership organisation by monthly donations to offer employee representation.

We are non-profit company

The HARMONY UNION Ltd is a not for profit company. The intention is to use any funds received to create a service which offers Employment Advisor assistance and information to members who require representation in situations that involve the following meetings, Investigation, Disciplinary, Grievance and Appeal meetings.

  • Name of Union and Offices.
  1. The name of the Union shall be HARMONY UNION Ltd or such other name as the executive council may from time to time decide.
  2. The main office is, ????????????????? ???????
  • Administration:

Subject to the matters set out below the HARMONY UNION Ltd and its property shall be administered and managed in accordance with this constitution by the members of the executive council, constituted by this constitution (The Executive Council).

  • The Executive council.

Shall consist of Central Union Officials and Branch Officials and shall comprise of the following;

  1. Chairman
  2. General Secretary
  3. Treasurer
  4. Deputy General Secretary (optional)

The Chairman is responsible for ;

  1. chair General Meetings
  2. overseeing HARMONY UNION Ltd business
  3. setting high governance standards
  4. setting an agenda for the Board
  5. being a “sounding board” and mentor

All Branch Chairs shall be ex-officio members of the Executive Committee. Further, Branch Officials may be ex-officio members of the Executive Committee on a proportional representation basis.

3.2 General secretary

  1. There shall be a General Secretary of the HARMONY UNION Ltd who shall be the principal officer of the HARMONY UNION Ltd.
  2. The General Secretary shall have the right to attend and speak at Conferences of the HARMONY UNION Ltd, meetings of the Executive Council.
  3. The General Secretary shall have duties, rights, powers and responsibilities.
  4. The General Secretary shall be an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee
  5. The General Secretary shall be responsible for Central Union staffing decisions and all unelected paid staff shall feed into a reporting line which ultimately ends with the General Secretary.
  6. The General Secretary shall be responsible for ensuring the Harmony Union Ltd implements decisions and strategies of the annual delegate conference and the Executive Committee.
  7. The General Secretary shall work with the Chairman and the Treasurer to formulate, present, and implement budgets.

3.3 Deputy General secretary.

To assist the General secretary if required.

3.4 The Treasurer

  • Responsible for financial management of the union’s matters
  • Membership fees
  • HARMONY UNION Ltd overheads, advertising and expenses
  • Book keeping
  • Accounts
  • Providing appropriate account information to the HARMONY UNION Ltd Chartered accountants.
  • The Treasurer shall be responsible for submitting the Union’s annual return as well as for any other financial regulatory requirement.
  • Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992,

The HARMONY UNION LTD will comply with the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992, section 12, 33, 34, 35 and other appropriate sections of this Act.

The above legislation will be respected by HARMONY UNION Ltd with reference to;

  • property buying, selling and leasing
  • Elections for certain positions
  • elections within the HARMONY UNION Ltd.
  • financial accounts
  • Union Statement of Purpose.
  1. Operates as a membership organisation to offer employee representation.
  2. To offer representation with mediation to encourage suitable and amicable solutions in resolving disputed matters between employees and employers.
  3. The intention of the HARMONY UNION Ltd is to protect workers and students (where the students course includes work placement) rights throughout the United Kingdom. A few examples of where the HARMONY UNION Ltd can help are listed;
  4. Health and Safety at Work
  5. Challenge bullying, intimidation, harassment and discrimination in the workplace
  6. Representation with legal knowledge
  7. Legislation education
  8. Pursue members’ rights to work
  9. Provide a strong and ethical network of support to all members
  10. Provide legal, HR and advisory support to members within the corporate environment
  11. Ensure members are treated with respect and dignity in accordance with the appropriate legislation such as the Equality Act 2010
  12. Enable members to gain knowledge and skills that will help them to be confident and proactive in the face of adversity.
  • Employment Advisors.

The HARMONY UNION Ltd uses consulting Employment Advisors (many who were Union Representatives in trade unions) who are external and independent from HARMONY UNION Ltd.

Many of the Employment Advisors have previous knowledge and experience of representing many trades and professions. Our HARMONY UNION Ltd receives legal guidance from associated law firms and para-legals on employment related issues and therefore can provide valuable legal information to our members. Our HARMONY UNION Ltd, host regular in-house and online training for our union Representatives.

7.0 Our Membership.

Our members are men and women of all ages who work in various trades and professions at all levels in the employment and within education structures throughout the United Kingdom. Employment matters can be both generic and individual and we offer our members advice and support to help solve work related issues which can benefit both employee and employer.

8.0   Scope of representation

The HARMONY UNION Ltd shall offer to provide representation:

  1. those employed (or as a student whose course includes work placement) by any body, authority, company or corporation, charitable, educational, or statutory function, including those employed in the local government service, the health services, the electricity supply industry, the gas, transport and water industries, the education services, the police and justice sectors and in the voluntary and community sectors. Such diversity includes professionals and trades, ranging from Teachers, Doctors, Solicitors, Healthcare workers, Retail staff and many other diverse professions and trades.
  2. those employed in such other areas of work and such other persons as may be provided for in these Rules, and as the Executive Council may from time to time determine.

Negotiated settlement

9.0 Aims and Objectives.

  1. The HARMONY UNION Ltd is supported by donations.
  2. We offer membership to workers and students (with work placement contracts) who are interested in their employment rights. Our objectives are to protect our members employments rights and provide them with educational and access to legal services.
  3. To recruit, organise and represent all workers and students.
  4. To regulate relations between employees and employers and between employees


  1. To seek to ensure equality of treatment and fair representation for all members.
  2. To seek to protect the rights of all members to be treated with dignity and respect
    irrespective of race, gender, sexuality, gender identity, disability, age or creed.
  3. To improve the pay and conditions of members and promote their interests.
  4. To establish good relations between members and their employers, to secure the settlement
    of disputes arising from members’ employment, and to participate in joint negotiating machinery.
  5. To promote and improve the health, safety and welfare of members in the workplace.
  6. To work with all other interested parties, individuals and organisations to maintain and
    improve the quality of services to the public.
  7. The HARMONY UNION Ltd will respect the ACAS Codes of Practice and Health and Safety and other appropriate legislation which contain such practical guidance.
  8. These codes and guidance’s will be respected for the purpose of promoting the improvement of industrial relations or for purposes connected with trade union learning representatives.
  9. To work with all other interested parties, individuals and organisations to maintain and improve the quality of services to the public.

10.0 Powers: (Changing and amending rules)

In furtherance of the aims but not otherwise the executive council may exercise the

following powers:

  1. Power to raise funds and to invite and receive contributions provided that in raising funds the executive council shall confirm to any relevant requirement of the law.
  2. Power to buy, take on lease or in exchange any property as necessary
  3. Power to sell, lease or dispose of all or any part of the property of the HARMONY UNION Ltd.
  4. Power to borrow money and to charge all or any part of the property of the HARMONY UNION Ltd with repayment of the money so borrowed.
  5. Power to employ or contract such staff (who shall not be members of the executive council) as are necessary for the proper pursuit of the aims.
  6. Power to allocate wages to various members of staff or power to secure the services of consultants.
  7. Power to cooperate with other unions, charities, voluntary bodies and statutory authorities operating in furtherance of the aims or of similar union purposes and to exchange information and advice with them.
  8. Power to establish or support any causes, associations or institutions formed for all or any of the aims.
  9. Power to appoint and constitute such advisory committees as the executive council may think fit.
  10. Power to modify the rule book with intention to improve, simplify or enhance.
  11. Power to do all such other lawful things as is necessary to make the achievements of the aims.
  12. Power to employ consultants or temporary staff on a contract basis.
  13. No new rules can be made, or any of these rules changed, amended or cancelled unless agreed by majority vote from the permanent members of the executive council.

11.0  Service Groups.

There shall be the following Service Groups within the HARMONY UNION Ltd:

  1. Community Energy
  2. Health Care
  3. Education
  4. Local Government Police and Justice
  5. Agriculture
  6. Water, Environment and Transport.
  7. Engineering and Technology

The Executive Council shall have power to decide which sections of the membership of the HARMONY UNION Ltd fall within the scope of each Service Group of the HARMONY UNION Ltd, and, amongst other matters, may take into account the employer of those members and the service delivered by that employer the collective bargaining arrangements.

12.0 Each Service Group shall have a degree of autonomy, on behalf of its members, to:

  1. determine the Group’s general policy and negotiate:
  2. professional and occupational rules, standards, conditions and policy
  3. industrial and other relations with employers and to represent its members and participate in any joint negotiating machinery with powers in these matters the settlement of any disputes arising from the employment of its members.

The policies and activities of a Service Group shall at all times be subject to and consistent

with the policy of the HARMONY UNION Ltd as laid down by the HARMONY UNION Ltd and within the Rules of the HARMONY UNION Ltd.

The policies of a Service Group shall be determined by the Group’s Conference.

       13.0  Membership and associated information.

  1. Our members are from all sectors of the United Kingdom’s workforce.
  2. We consider members collective and individual concerns. Sometimes work-related problems may be better resolved by a collective rather than an individual approach.
  3. We attempt to resolve the work-related problems for our members and will consult employment law, professional advice and compassion in our efforts to ensure that the work place presents a better environment for all.
  4. We include in our aims that we can help employees and employers to beneficially resolve matters.

14.0  Becoming a member

Every person wishing to become a member shall complete and sign a prescribed form of application for membership or by using the prescribed on-line system for joining, using her or his full name and giving her or his address, and shall return it either to the branch secretary of the appropriate branch or to the office specified on the form.

  1. Membership shall commence on the date details of membership are entered into the membership records system.
  2. The Executive Council shall define the categories of membership. Where the HARMONY UNION Ltd organises or represents people engaged in an occupation or seeks to do so, anyone engaged in that occupation shall be eligible for membership of the HARMONY UNION Ltd, subject to these rules.
  3. There shall be a category of membership for those members who are unable to follow

employment because of retirement or permanent disablement. The Executive Council shall

determine the qualifications for membership of this category as well as the level of

contributions and entitlement to benefit.

15.0  Membership special categories

Membership of HARMONY UNION Ltd in employment includes and who are currently:

  1. On unpaid maternity, paternity, adoption, medically approved compassionate leave or other unpaid leave from their employment.
  2. On strike or locked out from their employment.
  3. Who are undertaking a course of training or study whether full-time or part-time designed to lead to becoming employed.
  4. Students whose course includes work placement opportunities).

16.0  Members’ benefits

  1. A member is eligible for benefits in accordance with her/his category of membership, provided that she/he has paid the contributions required of her/him under these Rules.
  2. It shall be the personal responsibility of the member to maintain contributions and avoid

arrears in all circumstances. Any period during which a member’s contributions are 6 or

more weeks in arrears shall break continuity of membership and therefore will terminate.

  1. Where a member establishes to the satisfaction of the Executive council that the arrears

arose through no fault of that member, may apply for reinstatement which may be allowed

on such terms as to the payment of outstanding arrears as the Executive Council may

consider appropriate.

  1. The period of membership necessary prior to the member attaining eligibility for benefits is twelve weeks (12).
  2. Any period during which contributions are in arrears which shall remove such eligibility.
  3. The Executive Council shall determine the level of contributions for each category of membership.
  4. The Executive Council shall determine the scope and level of benefits.
  1. Harmony Union Ltd can provide help to members on legal strategies to assist their cases.
  2. The HARMONY UNION Ltd will provide legal assistance, as follows:
    1. A member who is entitled to benefit who suffers injury or disease arising out of or in connection with his/her employment shall be entitled to such legal advice and Employment Advisors, and on such terms, as the Executive Council may consider appropriate.


  1. A member seeking legal assistance must ensure that a request in the appropriate form is lodged in sufficient time and with sufficient information to enable the request to be considered and appropriate action taken.
  1. A member who requires advice and/or representation on a problem relating to the member’s employment which first arose at a time when the member was entitled to benefit and which cannot be resolved through the member’s workplace representative should refer the matter to the appropriate Regional Officer. The HARMONY UNION Ltd may provide such advice and/or representation as the Executive Council shall consider appropriate, whether by a full-time officer or otherwise, and on such terms as the Executive Council shall consider appropriate.
  1. A member who is given advice and/or representation shall provide all relevant information and co-operate fully with the compilation of evidence for any legal proceedings and shall comply with any other obligations and/or conditions set out in any arrangements for the provision of legal assistance. If a member fails to do so or provides false or misleading information or fails to act upon the advice of those appointed to represent him/her, the Executive Council may at its absolute discretion annul all legal assistance or withdraw any further legal assistance to that member.

 17.0 Qualifications

The following shall apply:

  1. The member must have been in membership of Harmony Union for at least three months prior to the incident or occurrence that leads to her/him seeking Harmony Union Representation.
  1. We kindly ask the member or potential member to discuss their mater with us prior to clause (b) above being activated.

(iii) The Executive Council or the relevant committee, lay or full-time officer to whom the power to grant legal assistance has been delegated may in its absolute discretion grant legal assistance.


(ii) The member must not be in arrears of contribution.

18.0  Legal assistance

The Executive Council shall have the power in its absolute discretion to grant legal assistance to members in respect of:


Legal assistance may include advice and/or representation.


In all cases the Executive Council has absolute discretion as to whether or not to grant, continue or withdraw legal assistance. The Executive Council shall have the power to delegate, continue or withdraw legal assistance to the relevant committee or to a lay or full time officer of the HARMONY UNION Ltd.


19.0           ACAS or employment tribunal paperwork

HARMONY UNION Ltd provides only Employment Advisors. We do not provide a form filling service (online or otherwise) or help to fill in forms required by ACAS, the Employment Tribunal, Health and Safety Executive or other such bodies.

Members who require the services of ACAS or the Employment tribunal etc may be referred to a list of solicitors or suitable contacts who may provide them with a paid service.

      20.0  Expulsion from HARMONY UNION Ltd.

A member may be expelled from membership in accordance with the outcome of an appropriate    
investigation and disciplinary hearing. The member will be asked to supply evidence or a statement
to respond or counter the allegations. Following this hearing (either face to face or on zoom) a
decision will be made whether to retain their membership or not.

The member will be informed of the outcome and If sanctions are awarded against you it could range from a verbal warning to membership forfeit.

      21.0  Donations

Harmony Union Ltd is a not for profit company and survives on member’s annual donations.

  1. According to their category of membership, full-time working or student members are asked to donate as provided as given below.
  1. The entirety of the donation due in respect of each member sent to the Head Office.
  1. Donation rates (as of May 2022) for those in;

Fulltime employment                    = £97 per year

Students                                              = £47 per year

Please note that donation suggestion rates may change and will be updated and published on our website.


22.0 Records of members

Records of the names, addresses and branches of members, together with such other information shall be kept and maintained at the Head Office or such other place.


23.0  Obligations of membership

  1. Every member shall observe all the Rules of the HARMONY UNION ltd.
  2. Details of where the rulebook may be downloaded from the HARMONY UNION Ltd website will be provided to each new member when they join.
  3. Hard copies of the rulebook may be requested.
  4. Every member who changes her/his address shall notify the HARMONY UNION Ltd of the change by email or letter.
  5. It is the obligation of the member to ensure that her/his donations is paid to the HARMONY UNION Ltd at the correct rate and on the date on which it is requested.
  6. Donations may be made in cash or by cheque (to the member’s Branch Secretary or to a HARMONY UNION Ltd Office as directed); by standing order; by direct debit; by check-off arrangements made through the member’s employer; electronically or by any other method acceptable.
  7. A member must not knowingly, recklessly or in bad faith provide the HARMONY UNION Ltd with false or misleading information relating to a member or any aspect of the HARMONY UNION Ltd ‘s activities.
  8. A motion shall not be submitted by or on behalf of the HARMONY UNION Ltd or any group or body within the HARMONY UNION Ltd to an organisation or body outside the HARMONY UNION Ltd, if that motion is inconsistent with existing HARMONY UNION Ltd policy.
  9. When acting as a representative or Employment Advisor of the HARMONY UNION Ltd at a meeting of an organisation or body outside the HARMONY UNION Ltd, a member shall speak and vote in accordance with the policy of the HARMONY UNION Ltd and with any decision taken by the HARMONY UNION LTD ‘s representatives at that meeting which is consistent with the Harmony Union ‘s policy.
  10. The Executive Council has the power to suspend a member from benefit or ban them from holding any HARMONY UNION Ltd office, or ban a member from taking part in The HARMONY UNION business and affairs, in any case for as long as the council feels necessary.
    1. If they believe the member is guilty of trying to harm the HARMONY UNION Ltd or acting against the rules.
    2. If the member makes or in any way associates themselves with any defamatory or abusive comments made against any HARMONY UNION Ltd representatives.
    3. If the member, alone or together with any other member or people opposes or acts against any of our policies.
  11. If the member acts against the best interest of The HARMONY UNION Ltd.
  12. If the member encourages or takes part in the activities of any organisation or group whose policies or aims are racist or promotes racist beliefs, or for any other sufficient reason.
  13. Every member will have a reasonable opportunity to appeal against the suspension or cancellation by means of a hearing either in written or oral form by the Executive Council.
  14. Every member has the right to complain and can appeal in writing to the Executive Council.
  15. The decision of the Executive Council will be final.

24.0 Statement of purpose.

  1. The HARMONY UNION Ltd is an organisation for to protect the individual and collective rights of members.
  2. We believe that civility, respect, dignity, honesty and fairness should exist in the workplace.
  3. The HARMONY UNION Ltd believes in a safe workplace environment.
  4. We believe that our HARMONY UNION Ltd has a responsibility to acknowledge that employers and employees work better together and in doing so can improve the lives of members and the economy.


25.0  HARMONY UNION Ltd coverage (2022):

  • England
  • Wales

26.0  Functions of Coverage

Each country shall have the following functions, namely to:

  1. monitor the deployment of resources allocated to the country to ensure that the objectives of the HARMONY UNION Ltd are being pursued in the most effective manner.
  2. assist and advise the Regional service groups on issues relating to or of concern to the wider membership.
  3. encourage the development and maintenance of a strong and flexible branch structure, in accordance with principles laid down by the Executive Council.

27.0  Accounts.

The annual accounts of the HARMONY UNION Ltd will be prepared by an established and reputable company of Chartered accountants.

The current accountants are, Harold smith Chartered accountants, Unit 32, St. Asaph Business park, St. Asaph, Denbighshire, LL17 0JA.

The annual accounts procedure and accounts of the HARMONY UNION Ltd will comply with the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992, section 33, 34 and 35.


      28.0  Dissolving the HARMONY UNION Ltd

       The HARMONY UNION Ltd may be dissolved (formally ended) by a vote of five sixths of the    
       whole of the executive financial members.


      29.0 Duty to hold elections for certain positions.

      HARMONY UNION Ltd shall secure—

      (a) that every person who holds a position in the union does so by virtue of having been elected to it at   
      an election satisfying the requirements of the executive.

 (b) that no person continues to hold such a position for more than five years without being re-elected at   
 such an election.


30.0  Data Protection Notice:

The HARMONY UNION Ltd will comply with the latest General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.


31.0  The annual delegate conference

HARMONY UNION Ltd annual delegate conference will be held between January and March every year. These meetings can be held in person or online. All members will be invited to attend.

The annual delegate conference agenda may include;

  • Election of the Branch Committee. This includes, Branch Officials, workplace stewards, Health and Safety, and other reps like Union Learning Representative.
  • Proposed changes to Branch Rules
  • Branch Officers Annual Report
  • Approval of the Audited Branch Accounts
  • Adoption of the Organising Framework and Budget
  • Approval of Honorarium.


  1. Rule Book.

It is considered that HARMONY UNION Ltd rule book should be improved on a regular basis to better represent the members and legal requirements.




  1. Disclaimer.

Please note that the information provided by Harmony Union is not legal advice.

  • Harmony Union does not provide a complete or authoritative statement of the law; 
  • Does not constitute legal advice by Harmony Union Ltd; 
  • Does not create a contractual relationship with the member; 
  • Does not form part of any other advice, whether paid or free. 
  • Should not be construed as legal advice. 

Please contact a solicitor for legal advice.